Brown Sugar / Honey Ham

Whether you need a ham for an event or special occasion, ham slices for sandwiches, or ham for an event you are catering, we have the perfect honey baked ham* for you!

Brown sugar and honey baked ham is perfect if you love the smokey flavor of quality ham. Our hams are sugar cured and slow cooked to perfection. The hams come with a brown sugar and honey glaze so you can add a touch of sweetness.

When you need a honey baked ham for a special occasion, we recommend our spiral sliced glazed ham. Our spiral glazed ham is also perfect as a gift the whole family will love.

Maybe you just love quality ham for sandwiches, our honey ham slices are a great choice. We take our delicious boneless honey baked ham and slice it just right, package it in butcher packaging, and deliver it to your door.

If you cater or just love to slice your own sandwich meat you can buy a whole boneless honey ham.

*Not associated with The Honeybaked Ham Co.

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