Boneless Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze (Avg. 7-9 lbs.)



Boneless Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze (Avg. 7-9 lbs.)

The only thing this ham is missing is the bone!

If you love the delicious taste of high-quality lean ham, but don’t like to deal with the bone you need our boneless honey baked ham*. We have removed the bone and trimmed this slow-cooked ham making it perfect if you like to slice your own meat for sandwiches or if you have an event to cater.

A.K.A. “The Football” because of its football shape, the boneless honey baked ham is perfect for caterers and restaurants. Give us a call for special restaurant pricing ( (757) 583-0014).

The fully cooked boneless honey baked ham comes to your door carefully packaged, ready to slice and enjoy!

*Not associated withThe Honeybaked Ham Co®


Boneless Sugar Cured Ham with a delicious glaze. Great to dress for dinner or slice thick ham steaks.  Absolutely delicious!

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 4 in

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